Operating Hours

School hours

The school opens its embrace at 7.00 am and closes at 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday.

The learning program begins at 8.00 am and ends at 1.15 pm and begins at 1.15. pm till 4.00 pm with the English afternoon program and extracurricular activities.

Breakfast time is between 9.00 and 10.30 am depending on the age group. Breakfast is always provided by the parent and must be healthy without nuts, chocolates, and croissants except for Friday which can include a healthier treat. The school offers an option for home-cooked lunch available between 11.45 and 1.00 pm.
From 1.00 till 3.00 children undergo organized play activities set by the teachers.

Children from 3 years of age should be at school as early as possible in order to benefit from a well-structured and creative academic program. Our target is their best preparation for elementary school.